Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Worked It Best?: Glee vs Jessica Alba

I'm not going to lie, folks. The only reason I'm posting these images of Glee cast members, a show I no longer watch since it didn't so much "jump the shark" as "have Matthew Morrison walk on water while the students sing Rihanna during a synchronised swimming routine", posing as famous horror movie characters is so I can repost the pictures of Jessica Alba doing the same and so we can LOL into all eternity. To this very day I still guffaw at the sight of that Alba photoshoot.


Granted, the Glee photo set up top are actually quite decent as these sort of photo sets go. The entire Elle series isn't just Glee-focused, but Ryan Murphy's other TV series, American Horror Story. That latter series makes far more sense to have its actors recreate scary movie poses - I particularly liked Sarah Paulson recreating both Crawford and Davis for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? - but at least the rest of them aren't horrible like Alba's. Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy's best work gets yet again ignored. Where for art thou Popular?

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are you afraid of the dark said...


Jessica did better and she can. because she give us horror and smile at same time.

are you afraid of the dark