Monday, May 14, 2012

We Should Be So Lucky

Being a cinephile is tough sometimes. Quite frequently though it becomes a case of "Hollywood giveth, and Hollywood taketh away". While only half of the news I want to discuss this morning is from Hollywood, it still works on the same principal. This time, however, it was the other way around and the bad news was tempered by some good news that was utterly surprising and delightful (well, by me, for others it's probably abject horror). By now you've surely heard that Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, a 3D space drama starring Sandra Bullock on screen by herself for a reported 80% of the running time, has been pushed back to 2013. Disappointing, very disappointing. The big budget, adult sci-fi slot is now held solely by Ridley Scott's upcoming Alienish prequelish whateverish film, Prometheus, which is out next month. Warner Bros' move of Gravity to an undisclosed 2013 date is probably great news for any plans 20th Century Fox had for a potential Prometheus awards run, which I can easily see occurring if it hits a home run since it surely already has tech categories in its sight. Yes, science fiction and horror aren't usually the Academy's thing, but wonders will never cease.

Still, Gravity's move was a disappointing slice of news to wake up to. It was nevertheless somewhat alleviated by the announcement of a few new Australian films that instantly raised an eyebrow or two. Jonathan Teplizky making a Choir of Hard Knocks film is definitely interesting if he can bring a new eye to the project that has already been seen across multiple platforms. Likewise, a new film by Nash Edgerton, co-written with his brother Joel, is reason to get excited if you've seen The Square and know what these boys can do. However, it was two films from the minds of Kriv Stenders and Julia Leigh - who just yesterday we were discussing going head-to-head for the Director's Guild prize - that really got me excited.

The idea of a Mamma Mia! style of movie about Kylie Minogue probably should fill me with dread and fear, but I ain't gonna lie. I am totally psyched for this announced project, Synchronicity (must change that title), that has attached Kriv Stenders to direct a screenplay by Marissa Goodhill. It could very well turn out to completely awful like Mamma Mia!, but the music of Kylie Minogue is already enough to get me into the cinema. So many of her songs work so well from a narrative standpoint - "I Should Be So Lucky", "Hand on Your Heart", "What Do I Have to Do?" and so on - that it's easy to see it be done, but it's more about whether it will be done with class or tackiness. I kinda hope for a bit of both, but ya know, respectful tackiness. Time will tell. And, hey, Kylie Minogue has now had two - TWO - films play in competition at Cannes so put that in your pipe and smoke it (no, I don't know what that expression has to do with anything either). The other announcement, and furthering on the

Julia Leigh on the other hand has received development funding for a film based on one of her novels, named Disquiet. I know nothing about the novel, but it has been described as "psychological horror". That, my friends, is like crack at the best of times, but when you throw in Leigh's incredible chilly skill that so divided people on Sleeping Beauty and the excitement goes through the roof!

Obviously, neither of those films will even see the light of a movie set before Gravity is released next year, but it certainly perked up my spirits to know they exist, how about yours? And now let's mix Gravity and Synchronicity and watch Kylie Minogue float around in space by herself. See, there is method to my madness! Maniacal laugh! Maniacal laugh!

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