Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prometheus Has (Almost) Landed

I don't discuss movie trailers very often and I find people who do tend to decide whether one is "good" or "bad" based on their reaction to the project and the footage found in it. A case of this can certainly be made for the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which is nice enough but not the greatest thing since sliced bread, ya know? The footage within it looks great and who would expect anything less, but structurally it's all a bit over the place and I think the studio wimped out on making a Batman trailer without featuring Batman at all - he's there a little bit, but so in the background that it feels awkward. Or that's what I thought with it's swanning about between quips and danger and things that have less resonance when viewed out of context.

Anyway, I'm not here to discuss The Dark Knight Rises - please, enough people will be doing that for me - but I am here to discuss Prometheus. Yes, a film that everybody will be discussing as well, but this "international launch" trailer that was released yesterday is rather phenomenal. Somewhat swept under the rug by today's Knight announcement (or maybe I'm just reading the wrong places), this Prometheus trailer is an exceptional demonstration of how to construct a trailer to create optimum sense of tone and atmosphere. It's a long trailer - just shy of three minutes - and basically an extended version of the regular ol' American trailer, but it packs more of a punch. That recurring high-pitched sound is back, but even more intense; the images are familiar, but new ones help create impact, expand upon the mystery (especially in regards to Charlize Theron's character) and add weight; the beats and rhythms feels natural and lines like "They were right." "You wanted them to be wrong?" don't feel so much as gags, but as ominous warnings. Those who are squeamish about spoilers should probably avoid it lest they promptly spend hours trying to piece it all together and figure out the entire plot (maybe I'm weird in that I can enjoy a trailer completely divorced from wanting to know how each individual moments relate to one another... but, then again, this is the first bit of marketing I've seen for Prometheus apart from last year's viral robot commercial), but what really emerges from the trailer is a grand scope and size. The imagery looks fantastic and whoever crafted the trailer did a really great job of putting the individual moments together in a way that makes for a rather awesome whole. Take a look:

I showed this video to my skeptical brother and the reaction was one of wide-eyed anticipation. I think it worked. That final minute and a half is some intense work and genuinely rather scary. I can only hope the final product is as good. Still, even if this is-it-or-isn't-it-no-I-really-think-it-is prequel to Alien disappoints on one level, I think it's safe to say it is already an unqualified success on a purely technical, whiz-bang level. Just look a those visuals! Truly mesmerising and I cannot wait to savour them on the big screen. Even the actors, usually sidelined in films like this, all appear to be blazing - I was worried most of all about Noomi Rapace, especially after the piss poor effort she put in that recent Sherlock Holmes movie, but perhaps I needn't have worried.

Ugh, don't Charlize and Fassbender just make you want to have sex?

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James said...

I've been so impressed with the advertising campaign for this movie. Definitely very excited about this.

As for Noomi Rapace I agree that her performance in Sweeney Todd was just awful but this will probably have a much better script to build off of compared to that movie. But scripts don't get much worse than that movie right?