Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Instagram Effect

I think it has officially become a trend. Key art designers have moved on from the scribbly notebook look for movie posters and have instead turned very heavily to posters featuring filters and lighting effects that have more in common with Apple iPhone photography app Instagram than anything else. A little bit to the left of JJ Abrams' penchant for lens flares, these posters tend to use streamed sunlight, manipulated natural light, colour layers, strong use of shadow and high contrast, plus other aesthetics as a way of making an otherwise nondescript images look "artistic". I noted this for the first time last year with the posters for Weekend and Pariah amongst others, and the trend has continued into 2012. They frequently use golden yellows and pinkish, purple hues for whatever reason, which is certainly better than the overused amber and teal fetish that has been going on for years. The look probably hasn't quite taken over from the minimalist aesthetic that online fan designers enjoy implementing so much, but I'm sure it will soon enough what with it being so easy to use and is really tricky to use to a negative result.

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