Sunday, April 1, 2012

Won't Somebody Think of The Children?

I get some frustrating comments here at the blog. Thankfully, I have to approve every message that comes through and I can choose whether one person's hateful bile gets published or not so most of its gets largely sent to the internet dumpster never to be seen again. I received one today, however, that I wanted to share because it showed off a particularly depressing, but also quite relevant, point of view. I didn't approve the message, but I'm sharing it here because it made me raise an eyebrow. It's not your simply "yr so dumb, u dont no anything" type of comment that occasionally pops up, that's for sure.

It was written by somebody called "Karie- Mother!", which is a cause for alarm right off the bat as anybody who defines themselves first and foremost on whether they have given birth is a worrying bit of insight into their life. Still, the fact that they left the comment on a nearly four-month old piece that, if she had read in the first place, should have rung alarm bells, so I don't think she's going to be coming by here again in any hurry to read this. Nevertheless, read what she had to say about the gay text of Happy Feet Two and be amazed at the general incompetency of it all.

it wasnt just the krill which my 5 year old boy, got upset when those two shared a creapy embrance and talking about havin kids "boys cant have babies". The puffin bird, is clearly gay, musical number etc. kids should not be subjected to any of this, they dont understand whats going on and its even on the disney channel ( fred the show). KIDS SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING TO CLEARLY MALE CARTOONS acting this way. Im angry and sad the first one was so good and they ruined this one.
For starters, HELLO GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. I'm not sure what a "creapy embrance" is, but I don't think I want to learn given the tone of "Karie- Mother!"'s comment. Apostrophes and capital letters are your friend, use them.

Secondly, I find it peculiar that she (and I am fairly positive it is her, not her five-year-old son, who is the disturbed one) infers that any male character who sings within the context of a musical ("musical numbers etc") must be a homosexual. Somebody send this woman a copy of West Side Story, pronto! How about Singin' in the Rain, Moulin Rouge!, An American in Paris or, you know, any musical ever made. Heaven forbid a man should express his feelings for a character in song, amiright?!? Does "Karie- Mother!" shield her child from the joy and beauty of Disney musicals, too? How about Beauty and the Beast from 1991? Surely the arrogant lumberjack, Ganton, is one of most masculine, heterosexual characters to ever exist in a musical and yet there he is singing like a fool. I guess he must be a secret queer.

Actually, now that I think about it, Gaston is clearly a major homo.

Basically the entire comment was a mess and I couldn't take any of it seriously, but wanted to bring it to light. Something this dramatically dumb doesn't arrive in the inbox of my blog all that often so why not splash it all around for the world to see when it does? "Karie- Mother!" if you're out there, your child deserves better.


wiggipop said...

Look, you don't have to approve this but I just wanted to see if you understand what you just did?
Granted you probably get a lot of aggressive and ignorant comments from a lot of misguided people and that's gonna grate after a while. And I'll be the first to say how irritated bad grammar and spelling make me feel, but all she's done is express an opinion, and whether its right or wrong is beside the point...
But to highlight it in such a way, deride the importance she places on being a mother and suggest that her son would be better without her? Haven't you just proved yourself as misguided as her?
Sure, you have a right to your own opinion as well but you've chosen to use your position in this way... At the very least it's without class.
Maybe you'll post this and do the same with me, call me self-righteous or something, but maybe you should just consider what I have to say, just consider it.

FranklinBluth said...

Someone needs to show her this video:

Kids have no issue with gay relationships, it is adult prejudice that would scare them more, I believe.

TonyFilangeri said...

Good post.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Forgive me for asking this, but it's been a very long time, but didn't male penguins sing and dance in the first Happy Feet? Therefore how could this one spoil it with a vaguely flamboyant puffin?

I hope the trollism's don't get you down. You should post more of them like this and give all your readers a good laugh.

Ben Rylan said...

@wiggipop, no one suggested the child would be better off without their mother. Glenn inferred that the child deserves better than to have the normalisation of straight masculinity forced upon them. This happens to everyone in mostly subtle ways, but this woman insinuates that men who sing in musicals are not suitable for kids because they’re clearly gay. She can have her opinion, Glenn can have his, you can have yours, and… I can have mine – the woman’s comments paint a picture an absolutely awful person who will most likely raise a child with “gay issues” later in life, whether they happen to be gay or not.

Paolo said...

That's such a weird comment from her, since singing is an expression of love or emotion no matter what sexuality any man belongs to. But then again anything straight can turn to gay, apparently...