Friday, April 6, 2012

When Bad Posters Strike: This Means War (French Edition)

Lord knows I have given this movie enough words on this blog - I already regaled against the American poster, and the film itself was an absolute disaster - but I hadn't seen this French poster for the movie until just yesterday and I found it to be such a hopeless mess that I just had to mention it.

I'm not sure if you've seen This Means War, but you certainly get the idea that it's about two spies vying for the attention of one woman (that'd be Reese Witherspoon). According to the French, however, Witherspoon love interest character (that's all she is, nothing else) is not so much a "love interest" as she is a "love target" ready to be fired against. Maybe the French poster designers are having a joke and saying that Reese's character is so awful that she deserves to be targeted for extermination? Maybe, I certainly couldn't blame them after having seen the film. Alas...

The fact that this poster is in colour, as opposed to the original's more monochrome colour scheme, only amplifies the initial irksome nature of Chris Pine and Tom Hardy pointing presumably loaded weapons at the woman of their central conflict. And yet it's the name change to Target that makes this even worse. Objectifying, obviously, but disturbingly violent, too. She is little more than a "target" for these two bozos to shoot down is certainly what the poster appears to be selling the movie as.

And why, WHY, is the title in English when everything else in French? The tagline even says "2 Espions - 1 Cible", which I assume translates to "2 spies - 1 target" so why not just keep it as CIBLE? Throw in that weird hypnotists circular pattern in the background and Chris Pine's ever-growing forehead and it's easy to be utterly baffled by this. Posters confuse me sometimes, they really do.

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Runs Like A Gay said...

It's obvious. Reese Witherspoon's boobs are superspies and must be stopped.

By the way I love that Really Bad Movies is a tag.