Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gigolo Joe Would Be Impressed

I'd rather one of these robots walking around my home than those transparent ones from I, Robot or those creepy ones that look like Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man. Even if Michael Fassbender's "David" is also a little bit creepy - how about that moment when he sniffs the flowers? jeepers! - he's obviously the sexiest robot since Jude Law's "Gigolo Joe" from AI: Artificial Intelligence, amiright? Unless I'm forgetting one. Tell me, have I forgotten a sexy robot from the the last ten years?

Yes, it's weird to type "have I forgotten a sexy robot from the last ten years", but I'd appreciate it if you just ignored the ridiculousness of such a statement and move right along.


JA said...

Ooh I'll have to do a "Which is hotter" (or maybe a "Do Dump or Marry" if I figure out a third) with sexy robot dudes.

Kokolo said...

Is there something wrong with me if he does nothing for me?
Ian Holm on the other hand ;)