Friday, April 27, 2012

Ball Skills

I find it slightly disappointing that neither of the films Ryan Kwanten has returned to Australia to film in between seasons of HBO's True Blood have made a dent in the box office or public consciousness. Red Hill was an ace, tightly constructed blend of western and action thriller that nobody took much notice of at the tail-end of 2010. And then last year there was also Griff the Invisible, my favourite Aussie film of 2011 and a beautifully bittersweet take on the superhero genre that is still all the rage thanks to The Avengers (out now in Australia by the way). Neither deserved to die on the vine like they did, although Griff the Invisible did surprisingly take out the AACTA Award for Best Original Screenplay so writer/director Leon Ford found some late-breaking respect from within the industry at least.

Ryan Kwanten now has his third Australian film in as many years and it's time to cue jokes about balls. Not Suitable for Children sees Kwanten's bachelor ways rocked by cancer and the prospect of infertility. I'm not entirely sold on the film based on the trailer which weaves from awkard "this is what hip, young people do!" passages to trite displays of rom-com feelgoodiness - let's not even get started on the fidgety, cutesy title cards, okay? - but Kwanten has proven to be a reliable presence on screen who's capable of drawing sweetness out of his characters, plus I suspect there may be more to the film than the trailer is alluding to. With a title like Not Suitable for Children, they surely can't simply be referring to one character's dislike of children.

As for the poster up there? Yeah, well, it looks perfectly fine (oh hai tight-fitting tee) until they went and added the ejaculatory sperm donor cup. It didn't exactly work for Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez to put semen so front and centre of their romcom marketing (The Switch and The Back-Up Plan respectively) because, I suspect, people don't really want to think about that outside of their own home. "Coming Sooner Than You Think" is about right, as No Suitable For Children will be released on 5 July.

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