Monday, April 16, 2012

100 Films, but Only One Black Robe

You may remember two weeks back when I informed you about this project that is counting down the best 100 Canadian films of the last 30 years in honour of the upcoming Possible Worlds festival that screens Canadian cinema in Sydney. Well, something I have written is currently hanging around at the top of their blog so you should head on over and take a read. I look at Bruce Beresford's Black Robe, which was released in Canada in 1991 and Australia in 1992. The film, a co-production between the two nations, is really a rather good one if very subdued. If this were Hollywood then it would obviously be far more bombastic, but as it is it's quite divine. I just found out that it will be getting a DVD/Blu-ray release here in Australia at the end of the month through Umbrella Entertainment. It has been out of print for so long that it will be nice to see people reacquaint themselves with it again.

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