Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Musical Actressexual Interlude

This is basically the greatest thing ever, okay? Thank you to @sambrookbrooks for alerting me to this incredible video featuring some of the greatest actresses and singers to ever grace our screens and our stereos. I mean, is there any denying that Meryl Streep, Cher and Lily Tomlin are spectacular actresses? Because if there is then I don't even think my fragile mind could handle it and I'd demand you kindly disappear. Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler aren't all time greats, but they've given all time great performances (Private Benjamin and The Rose respectively) amongst their very bipolar careers. And, of course, Olivia Newton John? Well, she may not be as decorated as the rest, but she's the star of Grease and Xanadu so, ya know what? She gets a lifetime pass into the hall of amaze.

Still, to see them all on stage at once singing along to "What a Wonderful World"? It's from a part of a program called An Evening with Friends of the Environment (I KNOW!) from 1990 - "in ten years it will be the year 2000!" - which was apparently an annual special event on the ABC featuring celebrities performing and speaking to an audience of, I assume, noddy-necked* so-called environmentalists. Given that seeing the six of these today on stage together (give or take a sun-stroked Goldie Hawn) would still cause a rumble of awe amongst certain segments of the public (the gays and baby boomers, mostly) I can only imagine what it was like to see all of them together back when they were all still quite high on fame. Bette Midler was arguably at the height of her career (two of her songs won back to back Song of the Year Grammys, plus a Record of the Year Grammy), Cher was still on a high from her "If I Could Turn Back Time" comeback and mid-late '80s acting successes, plus Streep was just coming down from her 1980s dominance. Not featured in the videos is Robin Williams, but he was also there. Why Cher wasn't given her own verse to sing strikes me as curious, but maybe she wanted to let her friends have the spotlight.

Cue for laughter, I'm sure.

Anyway, watch the video below and be in awe of the actressexual awesomeness on display. Below are two more clips from the "evening with the friends of the environment" so you can watch Streep crack wise about New Jersey and muse upon "my first hit movie, Kramer vs Kramer" as well as Midler singing her Grammy winning Beaches soundtrack hit, Wind Beneath My Wings. What fun, and so much more entertaining than that An Inconvenient Truth rubbish 15 years later.

*"noddy-necked", of course, refers to the constant state of head-nodding agreement that the audience was surely in throughout. "Why yes, I separate my recyclables from my trash, too!"

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