Monday, March 12, 2012

Kidman's Hemingway

Anything with Nicole Kidman is going to arise my interest, and she's looking (and sounding!) particularly fabulous in this brief teaser for her upcoming HBO miniseries, Hemingway & Gelhorn. I'm getting a particular Diane Keaton-in-Reds vibe from it, which is never a bad thing! Between Meryl Streep winning her third Academy Award, Claire Danes winning the Golden Globe and probably coming close to an Emmy soon for Homeland, Julianne Moore receiving big praise for Game Change, and now Kidman's looking typically strong in this and we can only assume also in Chan Wook-Park's Stoker, it appears the ladies of The Hours are having an astoundingly good year. The category that Moore and Kidman will be competing in for Emmys, Golden Globes, SAGs and all the rest will be fierce! Plus, it's always good having Moore and Kidman in contention because it makes award season red carpets just that more interesting.

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Kokolo said...

She does look really good in this.