Saturday, March 3, 2012

Review: Carnage

Dir. Roman Polanski
Country: France
Aus Rating: M15+
Running Time: 80mins

“Adults,” The Simpsons once joked in a spoof of the Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie, are “surly, meany, three martini lunchers.” Such is the case with the latest film by Roman Polanski, Carnage. Based on a French play, Le Dieu du Carnage, by Yasmina Reza, the film has been adapted by Reza and Polanski and posited to New York City, the locale of the play’s Tony Award-winning Broadway rendition. One certainly couldn’t mistake its stage origins with its single set within the walls of a rather glamourous Brooklyn apartment (hardly the “middle class” we’re supposed to believe it to be) owned by a somewhat chirpy New Yorker couple. While plenty of films have successfully turned their stage-bound origins on their heads and spun them into cinematic gold, Carnage’s lack of directorial vision ultimately makes this a disappointing venture for Polanski and his collaborators.

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So glad I was able to shoehorn a The Simpsons reference into this review.

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Runs Like A Gay said...

Great opportunity for a Simpsons reference.

And I kinda agree, a wasted opportunity.