Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Xavier's a Grandmother

Well, not quite.

As I've been doing research today for my annual (+a month and a half, it would seem - apologies) round-up of upcoming local features, one title that got me intrigued was The Grandmothers. Don't worry, that title is going to change, I can guarantee it! Not to sound ageist or anything, but any film that describes itself as an "erotic tale" can't go by the name The Grandmothers, it just can't. Especially when your "erotic tale" stars Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as women who fall for each other's sons. I'm not even sure where the "Grandmothers" part comes in since their sons are played by Xavier Samuel and James Frencheville, who are surely too young to have cinematic kids. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows...

Nevertheless, I was disappointed to discover the Australia/France/UK co-production that is currently filming on the northern coast of NSW is set for a 2013 release. It is directed by Anne Fontaine who made Coco avant Chanel so it will surely look pretty... but, then again, that wouldn't be hard with that cast. What's that you say? You want to see pictures of Samuel and Frencheville frolicking about in the waves? Well fine, if you insist... Don't pretend like you didn't expect this, okay.

Yeah, I think I'll be seeing that one. There are even more over at My New Plaid Pants.

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