Monday, January 23, 2012

We Need to Talk About Katniss

Two things went through my mind when I saw this newly released poster for The Hunger Games. The first was that it reminded me an awful lot of both King Arthur (the Keira Knightley version from 2004) and Robin Hood (the Russell Crowe version of who cares that movie was terrible). The second was "archery. who knew?" Between this and We Need to Talk About Kevin, bows and arrows are becoming quite the violent piece of weaponry for modern day warfare.

Now, I haven't read any of The Hunger Games books so my knowledge of what the hell it's all about is limited, but I think I can gather that it's like Running Man with teenagers? Running Man meets Battle Royale, perhaps? Am I close? I know the cast are all too ridiculously good looking to be traipsing about the forest shooting at each other with arrows at each other, but at least the the pictures I've seen seem to imply it's going to theatrical verging on camp, which we love around here. Anything to be different from the mundane, vanilla look of so many other films aimed at that target audience.

Still, why is she called "Katniss"? Really. Every time I see it I read it as "Catnip" and that's probably not what the author intended, yeah?

(By the way - it's too hot right now to really do much so you might have to fend for yourself until I can summon enough energy to do anything.)


John from Jersey said...

Not sure if you were really looking for an answer, but in case you were: Yes it is like Running Man/Battle Royale. A lottery decides which children ages 12-18 have to fight to the death. All of the contestants (or "tributes" as they're called in the book) are poor and starving, and the winner is given all the food/money they could ever need which is why they're called The Hunger Games. As far as the name Katniss, her father named her and her sister Primrose after plants. And the Katniss/Catnip confusion is also made by a character in the book.

JA said...

The names in the books were a big hurdle for me to get past at first, but the story swept all the concerns away once I got sucked into it. I mean, Katniss is nothing - Peeta is one of the main love interests. PEETA. That's just abominable, and yet eventually I stopped caring because the story was so much fun.

Oh and you really don't even need The Running Man in your equation - Battle Royale sums it up. But even if it's been done before, it's got enough of its own going on that it doesn't feel redundant. (And I speak of the book obviously, since I haven't seen the movie yet. YET.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, as fate would have it, Suzanne Collins DID intend for you to think 'Catnip' when you read 'Katniss'. Katniss' best friend, Gale, when she first met her asked for her name. When she said 'Katniss' he himself thought she said Catnip, and so that is his nick name for her...