Monday, January 2, 2012

The Girl with the Ungrateful, Stuck Up Attitude

It usually takes a bit longer for this to happen, doesn't it?

Seems that the American girl with the dragon tattoo, 26-year-old Rooney Mara, has quite a high opinion of herself. Less than two years after starring in the Samuel Bayer-directed remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Mara has already started the badmouthing of her early career. I guess now that she's appeared in two David Fincher productions - albeit, giving very good performances in each - she feels she's big enough to do this? Seems a bit rich to me, but what would I know about it? Nevertheless, Mara spoke to Entertainment Weekly (quote found via Bloody Disgusting) and had some rather eye-opening things to say.

"You kind of learn to self-sabotage with thing you don't want to get," she tells the magazine. "Sometimes you don't want to get something but you do a really good job and you get in anyway. That's kind of [what happened] with A Nightmare on Elm Street-I didn't even really want it. And then I went in [to audition] and I was like, [whispering] "F---. I definitely got that."

Look, I can understand being disappointed with the way A Nightmare on Elm Street turned out. We all were! It was a complete and utter travesty of a film, but this quote is startling in how completely ridiculous her apparent ego has gotten in such a short span of time. I'm sure her rise from glorified extra in Urban Legends: Bloody Mary to playing second fiddle in lame queer film Dare and then third fiddle in shafted Weinstein comedy Youth in Revolt to star of a a big budget remake of a horror classic was wonderful for her at the time, but if she was so desperate to not get the role in A Nightmare on Elm Street why take it? I'm sure there were plenty of other actresses at the time who would have loved to have been given the chance to resurrect one of the most famous "final girls" of all time.

Of course that's silly though, because every jobbing actor needs a big break and while it's hardly new for actors to chide their past genre appearances, it seems out right egomaniacal to say something like what she's said here. It's a rather unattractive trait, I must say, to see an actor admit right off the bat that they thought not only that they were too good for the part, but that they think their audition was just so good even after they tried to self-sabotage. Get off your damn high horse, Rooney, you ain't no Meryl Streep yet! What would she have been doing with her time instead of filming A Nightmare on Elm Street? I find it hard to believe that a movie like The Social Network would have come her way if the buzz hadn't begun to stir about her due to her Elm Street casting.

Look, I admit to having a bit of a soft spot for when actors embrace their horror pasts and historic failures - Kevin Bacon's continued refusal to acknowledge Friday the 13th is disappointing to say the least - but it's one thing to not like the product and another thing altogether to say you'd rather be waiting tables at a restaurant instead of being given the opportunity to star in a major motion picture like the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Could she not have a bit of humility about the situation and acknowledge the film's failings, but admit it played a part in where she is today? And where she is today is as a Golden Globe-nominated actress who has gotten the chance to work with such cinematic masters as David Fincher, Terrence Malick and Katherine Bigelow. If she could turn back time and not take the role of Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street, but instead remain playing roles like "Megan" on a whopping two episodes of E.R., would she? Doubtful.

Rooney Mara appearing as "Classroom Girl #1" in Urban Legend: Bloody Mary. What a gifted performer!

I wonder if the same people who criticised Katherine Heigl for giving similar jabs will take to David Fincher's big discovery with the same knives.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Something about Rooney Mara just annoys me and this isn't the first jab at her past career she has made. Only last week I was reading about how reaction to an appearance in Law and Order SVU where she said the storyline was so ridiculous, and she was so disgusted with it or some variation of that.

It's curious that you bring up Heigl, though, because for all her sometimes unnecessary loquacity and recent terrible role choices I still like her. But, I figure people won't bad talk her (Rooney) because she's in prestige films now. And, I never felt like Heigl was necessarily slamming her past work on merit. She said that Knocked Up portrayed its women as shrews, and she said that Grey's Anatomy had a rough year (accurate on both counts). But, I'm probably an apologist.

As you were.

a famous historian said...

Absolutely, the implied distinction between genre pictures (beneath contempt) and prestige pictures is rather stuck up (especially if both provide visceral thrills but occupy different cultural spaces with attending different amounts of prestige).

But 'ungrateful'? I don't like the notion that people should be grateful for getting jobs (someone's taking their labour power and deriving profit from it, after all), but I'm a communist...

Tony said...

The movie has every right to be slammed... one of the worst horror movies in the last five years... and I've seen My Soul To Take.

But, I get what you're saying. Gaining the role of Nancy did get her some recognition for sure.

eeeeeeeeeee said...

Jesus Christ, I am tired of reading articles bashing female celebrities. If Matt Damon had said this, he would've been applauded for his frankness. In fact, he did say this (about Bourne Ultimatum) and was applauded for his frankness.

Glenn Dunks said...

Andrew, why would anybody complain about a job on "Law and Order". It's part of the career, everyone has to appear on one of those when they're a jobbing actor.

eeee, my understanding of the Matt Damon thing wasn't that he was slamming the film, but complaining about the antics of one the filmmakers (in this case the writer, if I remember correctly). He wasn't saying The Bourne Ultimatum was shit and wished he hadn't made it. Of course, if you'd bothered to know anything I've actually been fond of actors doing this in the past (Heigl and her "Grey's Anatomy" spat), but Shia LeBeouf didn't get away clean from trashing "Indiana Jones". But, of course, you're probably someone who just likes to get into disagreements.