Friday, January 20, 2012

The Drive Alternative

What? You didn't think I was going to let this delicious gallery of alternate Drive posters go by without mentioning it. I know it may look like I have Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive on my brain a lot lately - can you blame me? what with it being the best film of 2011, routinely popping up throughout American awards season, and starring Ryan Gosling who is seemingly everywhere except the American awards season. Still, I am extra alert to the film and it's artwork having just purchased a limited edition of this glorious poster. I'm glad I got in when I did because it's now sold out. It's going to look so good on my wall!

That design by James White is far and away the best poster I've seen for Drive. While I liked the initial hot pink on white concept, it didn't quite feel complete. And every subsequent poster since just didn't really have it, you know? All the best posters have been the unofficial ones like White's, which you can see in the blog's banner up the top. So, soon enough, I will have that glorious piece of work hanging on my wall and it's going to look amazing. Still, despite my ambivalence to most of Drive's marketing campaign, I did love seeing the development and the process that this Empire article shows that went into designing the British quad poster for the movie. While I can certainly see why they didn't go with them, there are some interesting designs within. I like the retro one that kicks off the gallery, as it reminded me of the even more retro poster for Carlos that came last year. That was delicious, wasn't it? The Drive one isn't quite as on point as Carlos in getting all the details just right, but it was an appreciated effort nonetheless.

Again, as much as I appreciate the concept, the following designs don't quite gel into a cohesive whole. As they say, if it had been illustrated by the likes of Drew Struzan then everyone would be screaming at how brilliant it is, but as it stands it's too Photoshopped and empty.

As I've already alluded to, I'm not the biggest fan of the final design (right). I love the colours with the neon blue and green, as well as the big, bold title, but Gosling looks far too Photoshopped (where's Emma Stone to recite her dialogue from Crazy, Stupid, Love?) and the typeface is far too boring. I do like the little anecdote about the bag he's holding actually being something the designers added in themselves (that's not Gosling's hand, apparently). Now that I think about it, this poster reminds me of Suburban Mayhem, which is a far better poster so how about you just go look at that one instead.

Click over to Empire to see all the rest.

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ParanoidAndroid said...

Think my last post was lost in the great "deleted instead of published" event of last week.

Not sure if you're aware, Mondo are releasing a Drive poster this week for the Alamo Drafthouse screening. A preview just went up at

Think it goes onsale Thurs (Fri am our time)