Friday, January 20, 2012

Dixie Rapper

Have you been watching Hart of Dixie? It's hardly the most engrossing of television series on at the moment, but it plows the same ground as Men in Trees, which I got enjoyment out of so I keep watching. Hopefully Dixie will improve beyond its Gilmore Girls-without-the-dialogue trappings and become something more, but until then we have this rather baffling "Funny for Die" video. Featuring Hart of Dixie star, and former Summer Roberts of The OC, Rachel Bilson in character as a rapping doctor, it's... well, it's strange. It's not quite Natalie Portman (there's even a Black Swan joke!), but it's amusing nonetheless. And, plus, it gets bonus points for featuring Bilson's Dixie co-star Wilson Bethel.

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