Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unwrap a Christmas Gift

I guess today is Christmas by the time this gets published so I guess I should wish y'all a Merry Christmas. Or not, depending on what your opinion of the holiday is. Nevertheless, there's no reason to not have a little bit of fun with the festive season and so today I present to you "The Twelve Days of Christmas" as sung, and rewritten, by the cast of Twin Peaks. Yes, you read that correctly. Premiering on Los Angeles radio statio KROQ in 1990, this rendition of the song features cast members Jack Nance, Kimmy Robertson, Dana Ashbrook, Frank Silva, Robert Bauer and even Kyle McLachlan singing about all sorts of Christmas appropriate things like one-armed men, cherry pie and dead bodies wrapped in plastic. I can't think of a better way to spend your Christmas morning than giving this song a good ol' spin.

Image via Welcome to Twin Peaks

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Keith Gow said...

As a long time Twin Peaks fan, I thank you so much for posting this piece of audio - which I'd never heard nor even heard of! So great to find something new from way back when the show was still on the air.

Merry Christmas, Glenn!