Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kitty Galore

I never got around to attending a press screening of Puss in Boots, and I doubt I'll get a chance to catch up with it upon general release. I find myself being allergic to Dreamworks animation, but I did like How to Train Your Dragon so maybe there really is hope for us yet. Nevertheless, Puss in Boots was one film that I was somewhat curious about checking out purely because it is so very rare for Hollywood to make a film that is pro-feline! I'm sure dog lovers are aware they have a monopoly on Hollywood - this year alone we've seen The Artist, Beginners, Red Dog and so many, many more prove that the movies love dogs while in some cases actively hating cats. It's shameful, really, but I suspect a lot of it comes down to the fact that cats, like Miley Cyrus, can't be tamed and training them is infinitely harder. Of course, the main reason is that people prefer dogs for the same reason they prefer Tom Hanks. They like nice rather than complex and aloof. A cat won't look at you unless it wants to, a dog can be trained to do tricks with finesse and ease. I'm a cat person, obviously, so the idea of Puss in Boots intrigued me to that degree.

Still, if Hollywood are going to continue to make us believe that felines are evil then at least do so in a vehicle such as this, thank you:

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JA said...

Someone is willfully blocking out PAW-PAW THE MAGICAL TALKING CAT from The Future, I see.