Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In Dreams

Have y'all seen this David Lynch tribute video, entitled David Lynch in Four Movements? It has been created by Richard Vezina and is a 20-minute summation of Lynch's spectacular career. It's both too long and too short - too long for a video to watch online due to the internet tending to divert one's attentions easily; too short because Lynch's career is so vast even if the number of films he has made isn't excessive - but remains dreamily evocative and a wonderfully vivid representation of this miraculous man's career. Soundtracked by Julee Cruise songs and Angelo Badalamenti music, the video is enough to remind just how powerful of a filmmaker Lynch is. Just watching a clip reel like this is enough to make me cry as Cruise's haunting melodies drift over images of doomed beauties and misunderstood outcasts. Some gorgeous side-by-side moments like the shot to the left there only strengthen the opinion that David Lynch is one of the most methodical, composed and self-aware directors around. Yes, he reuses imagery time and time again, but that's simply because humans tend to repeat imagery in their dreams, even if the mental plots of our nightly visions are different. And we all know Lynch is all about the dreamscapes.

Here's hoping he comes back soon, although I've said since I first saw it that if he never does make another movie again then at least INLAND EMPIRE is the most confounding rebuke of Hollywood that one could possibly imagine. It was like everything he's ever tried to say in a film, but does so while simultaneously returning to the grungy, industrial aesthetics of his debut and ending his relationship with film in the sense that he will now, apparently, only ever make a movie on digital. Whatever he chooses to do, I'm sure it's for the best. Now, this being a David Lynch video tribute, it is somewhat NSFW, so do be careful where you watch it.

David Lynch in Four Movements - A Tribute from Richard Vezina on Vimeo.

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