Monday, November 14, 2011

Posters with Ita

Two posters I want to bring to your attention. These are both Australian designs that radically depart from their American versions, so I definitely think they're worth mentioning. Let's start with the good news, shall we?

This is for a very independent local film called Birthday, which recently screened at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and now has a brand spankin' new poster courtesy of none other than Jeremy Saunders. Would you expect any less than it to be amazing? Because it is.

Provocative and dangerously erotic with a delicious playfulness, this poster immediately makes me want to see Birthday. Thankfully, it tantalises without spoiling, which is always a tricky line for some posters to balance. And while the filters placed over the thing could read as cheap and tacky, they actually just add to this aesthetic that helps give it that enticing underground vibe without tipping into joke territory (hello Hobo with a Shotgun!) Birthday opens in South Australia on 1 December and throughout other states next year. I happen to have a copy just waiting to be watched and I think I'll have to make use of it quick smart.

Taking a complete 180 in quality is this poster for upcoming Margaret Thatcher biopic, The Iron Lady. If I were Bridesmaids and The Muppets, I'd be ware of The Iron Lady threatening to sweep in and steal all of their Best Musical/Comedy statues at The Golden Globes. I'm not exactly sure this is the sort of political movie that audiences will want to see on Boxing Day like they did last year with The King's Speech, but I guess if you're up for a laugh... There's even what appears to be a speech therapist scene!

This Australian design is a reconfiguration of the British quad, and ends up looking more like an Ita Buttrose perfume ad. The jewels! The hair! The weird hand posing! Actually, after I made that Ita Buttrose perfume ad quip on Twitter, my mind immediately raced to this hilarious Fast Forward sketch from "back in the day" with Jane Turner playing Ita Buttrose, editor of Ita magazine "with me on the front, and every other page as well." Amazing.

I think that deserves a "LOL", don't you? I know I'd rather watch that again than that god awful trailer they just released. Yikes. I'll be seeing The Iron Lady in about two weeks and I worry I'm going to have to stifle more than just one or two laughs.

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