Monday, November 21, 2011

No Questions, Just Answers

Do you have a 2012 title that you're already itching to see? Maybe the next film from your favourite auteur (although 2011 has had Almodovar, von Trier, Van Sant, Scorsese, Allen and so many others that I can't even think of any big name auteurs who would have something out next year!), or perhaps one of those big budget action blockbusters like The Avengers is what you're waiting for? Not I, no sir. The film I'm most anticipating (I say having, admittedly, not really perused the upcoming 2012 schedule, but nothing is coming to mind and I am pretty darn excited for this!) most of all is Any Questions For Ben?

I'm sure all my international readers will be wondering what the hell that is, but any Australians will surely know what I mean the moment I say "Working Dog". Directed by Rob Sitch and written by Sitch, Santo Cilauro and Tom Gleisner (Jane Kennedy was presumably too busy writing cook books), Any Questions for Ben? is the first film from the Working Dog production house since The Dish in 2000, a film that still ranks as one of the highest grossing Aussie films ever made. 11 years is a long time between drinks - although the Australian film industry is used to it - and I'll pretty much watch, and surely love, anything these guys put up. Need I remind you that they are the same people who made the best satire news program ever, Frontline, as well as The Castle, Thank God You're Here, The Hollowmen, The Panel and, er, Funky Squad... yeah, okay, so it's not all great, but whatever. The Dish and Frontline alone should get them a lifetime pass to do whatever the hell they want!

Thankfully we don't have to wait too long for it, either. Any Questions for Ben? (which, for some reason, I keep typing as We Need to Talk About Ben, huh?) is to be released 9 February and I can't wait! So much so that not even a dodgy, uninspiring poster can make me anticipate it any less. The Roadshow Films Facebook page features a very brief teaser for what's in store, too, if you wanna check that out.

And "just because", here is a clip from Frontline. Gosh that show was good, wasn't it?

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