Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melbourne Exclusive

This past weekend over er at Trespass Magazine I had two reviews pop up online for two films that are getting exclusive runs in Melbourne. The first, screening exclusively at Cinema Nova in Carlton, is for Mike Cahill's Another Earth, a film that I had recently expressed great interest in, but which sadly failed to meet my hopes of it being another Monsters style sleeper. It does still fall right into this "lo-fi-sci-fi" genre I've created in my own little mind though as a film that explores more personal dramas against the backdrop of a typical science fiction movie. I'd like Mike Cahill to make another film, but perhaps not be so involved, if that makes sense. He wrote, directed, produced and did the cinematography on Another Earth, but I don't think the film shows off anything exceptional in any of those departments, and yet I can see talent there. We'll see.

Buried within Another Earth’s framework is a wonderful sci-fi movie, but Cahill and Marling have unfortunately set it amongst this otherwise drab and predictable human drama. Like Blue Valentine, but not as immediate and richly textured, Another Earth plumbs some seriously bland territory. ... as seen through the murky blue and brown cinematography it lacks any sort of physical or emotional punch. They’re miserable sods for a reason, but even when they find some happiness with each other the film fails to utilise this and instead merely finds more dank shadows to play around with.

Read the rest at Trespass Magazine.

The second film is much, much better, but you should already know that! Screening exclusively at The Astor Theatre is the restored version of Stanley Kubrick's comic classic Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. It was so great to get to watch this film again, projected in 4K on The Astor's massive screen mind you, but with an actual audience who were laughing along at all the bits that one should be laughing it. Seriously one of the greatest screenplays ever written, isn't it? I really can't recommend it enough! It screens at 7.30pm every night (beginning this evening! go!), but over the weekend I believe it has three sessions a day, so there's no excuse.

This all may sound hopelessly chaotic, and in some ways it is, endearingly so, but it never fails to be specifically on point with its satirical targets. The performances are typically excellent of a Kubrick picture – he gets so much out of his actors – with Sellers being the standout. If I had to choose which of his three guises was my favourite, I would have to say Sellers’ President. It may be the straightest of the characters, rarely getting the opportunity to be zany and deranged, but he knocks the dialogue delivery out of the park each and every time. His telephone conversation with the Soviet Premiere is one of my favourite scenes ever put to celluloid. The timing is just delicious.

Read the rest at Trespass Magazine.

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Did you like the musical saw scene in 'Another Earth'? You can hear music from it on the composer's website