Thursday, October 6, 2011


It was just a couple of months ago when I called for a cease to movies using this old "love is a force of nature" trope in their film marketing. Whether it's the Sandra Bullock/Ben Affleck rom-com Forces of Nature, or Brokeback Mountain and The Tree using that very identical line as their poster taglines, I thought it was time to quit it and try and find a new cliche to hang their boots on.

Well, I spoke to soon, apparently, as Andrea Arnold's upcoming Wuthering Heights adaptation has gone and used the exact same line in big print on the British quad poster. Behold.

Look, okay? We get it! Love and nature are comparative! Both can be wild and tumultuous and full of as much sun as gloom. Is it so hard to come up with something less obvious and time-tested? Especially for something as Arnold's apparently quite revolutionist take on such a famous novel. Having said that, the poster as a whole isn't exactly blowing my mind, but what can you do? Still, Fish Tank had some very disappointing designs early on and then right outta the box came this great one, so hopefully some intuitive key art designer comes up with something a tad more imaginative at some point.

On the other hand, I'm really liking the posters for Steve McQueen's upcoming Michael Fassbender-starrer, Shame, which equates "making love" to little more than wrinkled sheets and sweaty bodies. This is one marketing campaign that will be really interesting to follow considering it's NC17 nature and big star.

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