Friday, October 14, 2011

By Jenkins' Hammer

It has been over two years since I wrote about the sad case that is breakthrough indie female directors like Kimberley Pierce (Boys Don't Cry), Courtney Hunt (Frozen River) and Patty Jenkins (Monster), who find themselves in sophomore film limbo. Much like we had to wait nine years for Piece's second film to arrive (StopLoss), it's going to be ten years between drinks for Jenkins, too, with her second film getting a release date of 15 November, 2013. What's really interesting is the name of the film Jenkins has just been given the reins of. Thor 2!

The press release reads as thus:

Marvel Studios announced today that Patty Jenkins will direct THOR 2, which will be released in theatres on Friday, November 15, 2013. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman will return to star in the film along with Tom Hiddleston. Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige will produce the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster THOR, which has grossed over $448 million worldwide to date.

Patty Jenkins previously directed MONSTER starring Charlize Theron, who won an Academy Award® for her performance in the film. Jenkins, who received an Emmy nomination for directing the pilot of AMC’s acclaimed series The Killing, has also directed episodes of Entourage and Arrested Development. Most recently, she directed “Pearl,” one of the five short films that comprise Lifetime’s original movie FIVE.
Well done to Marvel for choosing a director such as Jenkins. A woman who showed so much talent with her debut, Monster, that just thinking about her remaining in the world of television made me sad. I was a huge fan of Kenneth Branagh Thor - it was my favourite blockbuster of the season - and am now double excited for the sequel now that another unique directorial choice has been made. However, bad form of Marvel for all but spoiling their upcoming The Avengers by stating Thor 2 will star Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston's Thor villain, Loki, appears to be one of the baddies in Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble, so by announcing he'll be in Thor 2 seems imply... oh, what do I know? My lack of comic book knowledge is probably coming through right now. Can Hiddleston appear in both and still meet a violent end in The Avengers? Will Thor 2 come after The Avengers or will it be a direct sequel to the first with little connection to Whedon's film? Why are there so many of these films and who will deglam to get an Oscar?


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