Sunday, September 25, 2011

Half a Face, Double-Ds, Another Hangover(?) and Something to Tickle Your Fancy

Poster! Posters! Get your movie posters!

Two posters recently have taken on the motif of a face dissolving into something else. In the case of this Mouth Taped Shut poster for David Fincher's Americanised The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (is it official, is it fan-made?) we have Daniel Craig's rough face disappearing into a white silhouette profile shot of Lisbeth Salander, played by the unseen Rooney Mara. It's all very ABBA, if ABBA took on some black and white arty Bergman-esque identity crisis. I'm not quite sure if the poster is any good because apart from the slight appearance of a nose ring there's nothing that makes this look like anything other than just a fashion spread for a swank magazine (and even then). Is Craig here even in character? Does he ever actually have a character outside of his costume (whether that be Bond's tux, Cowboys & Aliens' chaps, etc)?

Still, it's better than the poster for The Iron Lady. Phyllida Lloyd's Meryl Streep-led biopic of Margarat Thatcher - otherwise known as "omgmerylstreepISmargaretthatcher" and little else - should be trying to make itself look as polished and professional as possible after the visual "what is this? a camera?" debacle that was their last collaboration, Mamma Mia!, but instead they've bitten off more than they can chew. If they wanted to go with this design then why do such a mediocre job? It's hardly awful, but it's definitely far from good. The way the lopsided imagery of London is grafted onto the face of Streep just doesn't look good enough, unfortunately. One image doesn't bleed into the other in any natural way, they merely connect through the easy magic of Photoshop. No real skill appears to have been used in making this concept so I can't help but feel it's a wasted opportunity.

I do quite like the colouring, what with its regal blues and reds, although I'm getting a very American vibe from them, as if this should be a biopic about Hillary Clinton rather than Thatcher. I still can't get a read on this film though. They really do appear to be presenting it as a piece of hero worship ("NEVER COMPROMISE" for instance), which is a terrifying prospect for a film about Margaret Thatcher!

It's funny how obvious one thing can be to somebody and how oblivious others can be to the same. The other day on Twitter some people were discussing the new (disappointing) poster for The Rum Diary, Johnny Depp's latest back-to-the-well outting. When I finally glanced upon said poster I was struck by how much it looked like nothing more than The Hangover Part III, a similarity that had completely bypassed my friends. Nevertheless, this poster looks EXACTLY like a poster for The Hangover, which is kinda sad and desperate, don't you think?

And then there's this poster for Piranha 3DD, which already gets 5 stars for its title alone. They have re-used the imagery of the sharp-fanged fishies as was used in the original, but have seemingly upped the stakes to include a waterpark. However, perhaps it's too above my pay grade (what pay grade?) to suggest this, but wouldn't the poster have been better if... umm... ya know, there had been people at the waterpark? Like, big-breasted girls travelling down the waterslide on their way to becoming piranha dinner? Or am I crazy for suggesting that? I mean, the film uses a woman's bra size as it's title, I don't think they're fooling anybody here. Oh well. I look forward to them explaining how piranha can live in chlorinated water.

Lastly, a poster that is unremarkable in every way, but gets bonus points for using the phrase "tickle your fancy", which is such a wonderful bon mot that I'm sad it doesn't get used more often. The movie is Hysteria and I believe it's based on The Vibrator Play so you know what it's all about. Hopefully this is Maggie Gyllenhaal back in her sexually adventurous mode (ala Secretary, Happy Endings) rather than the morose, monotone Maggie Gyllenhaal we've been having to deal with lately.

Do you dear readers have any recent favourites?


marilyns_mole said...

Regarding 'The Iron Lady', those are also the colours of the British Union Jack.

Glenn Dunks said...

Um, I am aware of that, I just get a very American vibe from the colours.

Matt Riviera said...

The Dragon Tattoo poster reminds me a bit of this great DEAD AGAIN poster.

Janice said...

A lot of wasted opportunities here it seems. Remember the Jaws posters of the '70's? They so would have put people on that waterslide back then.

I like the tag line of vibrator but it seems to me there was so much possibility with the Victorian setting to make something interesting. Maybe it would work better for me without the man on the poster, who looks like - what is he doing on there anyway? It just looks off.

I'm also afraid of where they are taking this Iron Lady thing - Margaret Thatcher, a hero? Maybe to the ultra-rich? Margaret Thatcher, lovable cuwpie doll? Not from what I remember, and admittedly I'm an American so my perspective may be skewed, but as I recall in the '80's it was Reagan who gave off the "lovable" vibe and Thatcher, well, she earned the moniker "Iron Lady" for a reason.