Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Few Best Trailers?

Okay, just one, but it's for A Few Best Men so just ignore the misnomer entry title, okay?

I'm sure there will be plenty of people - ahem - who will be eagerly awaiting a higher quality version of this newly released trailer for obvious reasons (to put it bluntly: there is partial Xavier Samuel nudity), but I thought I'd post it anyway. As previously promised there is Olivia Newton John swinging from a chandelier, but there's also Xavier with a British accent, a gimp mask, "hilarious" animal jokes and... umm... yeah. The word "madcap" will surely be used by somebody, so why not me? A Few Best Men, directed by Stephen Elliot, is clearly going for the broader comedy that is more popular with the mainstream audiences (good work on worming Death at a Funeral in there, as this certainly feels like a wedding companion piece), and is expected to be released on Australia Day (26 January) next year. I say "expected" because that's also the proposed release date for the next Working Dog film, and I find it highly unlikely that these two films would go out to the public on the same day. Australians may be overly patriotic on the 26th of January, but it's a hard ask to get them to see one Aussie film a year let along two in the same weekend. Let's wait and see. As for now, here's the trailer via Inside Film.


richardwatts said...

Oh dear.

Janice said...


Can I keep this in mind the next time critics from around the world bemoan the state of American cinema?

Reading the line "from the director of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" made me very very depressed (oh what a lovely film that was). Seeing the wonky state of ONJ's face only made it worse (oh what a lovely woman she once was.)


Anonymous said...

It's just good to have a laugh - end of story. People in the cinema clearly enjoyed it.