Friday, September 2, 2011

Burning Reflections

I've been quietly anticipating Jonathan Teplitzky's Burning Man for quite some time now, even since Australian key art designer extraordinaire gave way that it may be something truly special. With the film about to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, we finally get a look at the poster, designed by Saunders, and it's an eye-catching and beautifully composed piece. Take a look.

Saunders seems to have a recurring theme amongst his posters of reflections. Perhaps it's a way of a film's reflective narrative, or perhaps it's just a neat design aesthetic, it has been a common theme in some of Saunders' finest work. I remain firm that his poster for Here I Am is one of the most gorgeous works I've seen from this year or any other for that matter.

As for Burning Man, we'll find out what the word on it is after it's world premiere at TIFF in one week's time. Is anybody going along? Let us know!

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