Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Now here is a poster that will surely capture a bit of attention for itself.

British quads are becoming increasingly popular amongst watchers of movie art since they're usually able to use their re-proportioned size to a vastly different effect, combined with the fact that no other country produces them meaning the company's that design them tend to go in very unique, different ways to the American concepts. The design below, for Gerardo Naranjo's Miss Bala, is a wonderful example of how the utilise the quad's wide canvas. It gets the film's message across simply, but does so with a cheeky charm and is almost endearing. If you can't think of an interesting way to sell your film about a drug-pushing, gun-toting beauty queen then something's wrong and I think this design does it perfectly.

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Janice said...

Now that's an eye-popper - and the colors and simplicity of design give off an almost retro (1970's) vibe, at least to my eyes.