Monday, August 22, 2011

When Bad Confusing Posters Strike: Straw Dogs

Rob Lurie's remake of Sam Peckinpah's classic - albeit, for me, nigh on insufferable - Straw Dogs has been a bit of a, pardon the pun, dog's breakfast in terms of its marketing. I actually quite like the trailer, which takes a unique approach at setting the film up as a regular ol' home invasion horror/thriller in the same vein as The Strangers, but then goes back to show it's much more (for better or worse, we'll find out soon enough I suppose).

The posters, however, are a different story altogether. Take these two earlier released posters that aim to recreate the 1971 edition's poster, which was a stunning piece of work. The 2011 poster was not so much a "stunning piece of work" as it was "a really poor example of Photoshop and illogical design."

At least the second poster, on the right, rectified the first one's confusing design of a face being reflected in... nothing? Who knows what was going on there. You know it's bad when the Madea-does-Straw-Dogs poster (?!?) is better! Either way though, making posters like this was just a little too close to straddling the line of "remaking a film" and "resurrecting its corpse and just having your way with it." It was as if they were going out of their way to a) not do anything at all original, and b) remind people that liked Straw Dogs of why they probably shouldn't bother with this remake.

So I give them credit that for their latest set of posters, first seen At the Cinema, in taking a complete departure. The question this time is why they chose to remake the poster of Taken. The big-text-over-poster design is still in fashion, I suppose, and it's been done plenty of times, but it's hard to not notice the identical nature to Taken with it's stark black background, opaque type with film dialogue quote, red/orange text and general layout. What say you?

Hmmm. I mean, they look good enough, but I can't help and think they just can't get it right.

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