Sunday, August 14, 2011

Phar Lap 2.0

With the current, ongoing success of Kriv Stenders' Red Dog, there certainly feels like there's a buzz back in the Australian film landscape. After half a year of dud after dud - only Sanctum 3D and the UK co-production Oranges & Sunshine seemed to make any dent whatsoever at the ticket booth - Dog has become quite a hit and now we look towards the rest of the year hoping for a few more. One of the most likely contenders is The Cup, a dramatic retelling of Damien Oliver's ride of his life to win the Melbourne Cup after a tragic accident befalls his brother.

The newly released trailer for Simon Wincer's The Cup features a title card that says "FROM THE DIRECTOR OF PHAR LAP", which just seems a little bit too much like pandering. But, then again, they couldn't have put down "from the director of Harlequin", could they? Still, at least Phar Lap is a good movie! As for the trailer itself (below) it all looks like suitably rousing stuff and photographed gorgeously as all horse racing movies seem to be. Alas, also like any horse racing movies it can't eliminate the fact that it is, without fail, about horse racing. It amuses me greatly that Secretariat still hasn't received a release of any kind in Australia! Colour me impressed by Daniel McPherson though, and it will be sad to see Bill Hunter in his final role.

Take a look and let us know what you think?

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Mickche said...

speaking of Secretariat, ive seen it at my local Blockbuster.