Monday, August 22, 2011

From Scream 4 to... Little Fockers?

I know these "we also recommend" features of websites like IMDb and, as shown here, Quickflix (a local version of Netflix if you're unaware) are generally quite hit and miss at the best of times, but this one seems a little bit far fetched.

I'm not sure how anybody could possibly assume that because one is watching Scream 4 that they would, naturally, also like Little Fockers or Shrek Forever After. Unless that someone has a known penchant for the fourth films in popular movie franchises, in which case Shrek Forever After gets a pass. Sorta. Not really. Still, Little Fockers? What with it's "choice boner gags" and all! (Oh you know who used that line in his review! What Melbourne critic springs to mind when you think of Scream 4, hmmm? Yes, him!) I guess Scream 4 does feature a quite nasty bullet-to-the-dick moment that could be called a "choice boner gag", but one of the I-need-to-cross-my-legs-then-vomit variety, not the knee-slapping-LOL-so-funny kind.

In other related news, Scream 4 is released on DVD on October 13 aka MY BIRTHDAY. I suspect I'll end up with several copies as a result so if anyone wants one, you know where to find me.

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