Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This is What Geoffrey Rush's 60th Birthday Cake Looks Like

This evening I was fortunate enough to attend the 2011 Melbourne International Film Festival media launch. A look at some of the wonderful feature films, documentaries and shorts scheduled for the festival was only part of the fun though - and I will be discussing the guide in much more details in the days to come! MIFF patron and Melbourne/Australian/acting icon Geoffrey Rush was on hand to give a wonderful speech about how it feels to share a 60th birthday with the festival. Rush is a master at droll wit and knows how to get an audience on side even through a speech that he knows most people don't particularly care for.

At one point they wheeled out a delicious looking cake for him and, thankfully, we got to have a slice during the post-launch mingling. When I pulled an Oliver and asked for more they gave me a giant chunk that I stowed away under my wing and took home. If you ever wanted to know what Geoffrey Rush's birthday cake looked like, here it is!

I shall be devouring it soon!


Rochelle said...

I am proud to say I babysat your piece of foil-wrapped cake for a few minutes. Geoffrey Rush is such good value - always makes his speeches a pleasure and a treat. And you can't say that for all acclaimed actors! Look forward to reading more of your MIFF reviews and observations.

JA said...

Well how was it? I can't imagine any taste other than sinfully decadent but with a slightly hammy aftertaste for Mr. Rush.

Glenn Dunks said...

It is tasty. Delicious with ice-cream! No ham aftertaste, although I did just see The Eye of the Storm and jewish people should watch out!