Monday, July 4, 2011

Not Theodore

Gotta say that I am really liking this poster for Paddy Considine's Tyrannosaur.

I know I sound like I'm flogging a dead horse with my constant cries for posters to "use the space!" and yet here is a perfect example of what people can come up with when they stop running on autopilot blueprint concepts of posters. Whether it be big empty space, stripes or giant floating heads, it doesn't take much to do a bit of maneuvering and tinkering to come up with something far more memorable.

I can so easily see this poster looking, instead, more like this mock up that I made (below), with the sky extended for no apparent reason and resulting in a boring poster that does nothing to engage.

I mean, hello! Yawn. Instead, we get a poster that utilises its entire space and offers up this fabulous concept that occupies the bottom half of the design. The imagery of that dinosaur skeleton is such an attention grabber, don't you think? I am 100% positive that somebody walking past this in the corridors of their favourite arthouse would be much more likely to stop and look, perhaps tilt their head in curiosity, at this poster than the one it took me 2 minutes to alter up above.

Now, if only they could have gone to the effort to make the trees not so obviously mirror images of one another. :/

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JoFo said...

Yes, it's definitely an effective poster, but in my opinion totally misrepresents the film. Which is a fantastic film, just not in that art-house, sparse, creepy way that this poster implies.