Monday, June 13, 2011

When Bad Posters Strike: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Well, isn't this just a pile of shit?

The idea of resetting Quarantine on a airplane sounds quite neat. On paper. I haven't seen [rec 2], but I certainly appreciate the makers of Quarantine 2: Terminal ( what a stupid title!) taking the American remake into a different direction rather than copying the Spanish franchise of another first person account of another virus outbreak in another apartment complex. Apparently though they did a botched job of it and was given a limited release across America this past weekend. In fact, I can't even find figures for its release size! Is it all just a figment of our imaginations? Is anybody actually going to be there in a cinema watching it? Does it even really exist?

I had read a review or two and viewed the trailer since looking at this and, from what I can make of it, the filmmakers appear to have ditched the "in camera" style of the original Quarantine (which was a direct shot-for-shot remake of [rec] - they're both wonderfully scary flicks by the way) so I'm not sure why they've continued with the theme on this truly silly looking poster. Seriously, if you're going to re-use the same motif then why place the camera outside the airplane? Colour me confused. Green and confused.

Silly illogical conundrums be damned though, the real reason this poster is so bad is because they couldn't even go to the effort of making this movie look any less like the direct-to-DVD sequel that audiences would most certainly assume it was. It's like when movies in Australian video stores (yes, when there were still videos) used to have stickers on them that said "CINEMA RELEASED!" or some such to make potential customers aware that, no, this isn't some direct-to-video shit but was in fact theatrically released. Of course, movies released directly to home video these days have a much better chance of actually being good, which actually makes this poster even worse! I mean, who would want to see a movie based on this poster? Whether it be theatrically or on DVD. Either way it just comes off as a sub-par effort from all involved.

Laura Dern doesn't like that this bitch stole her look, either!

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