Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shit-Eating Grin

About a year ago I had a light bulb moment that someone should make a documentary on John Waters' immortal, immaculate, iconic muse Divine and call it Shit-Eating Grin! You know, after her famous final scene in Pink Flamingos?!??! Well now someone has come along and made a documentary on Divine and, in sad news to report, it is not titled Shit-Eating Grin. No, it's title is I Am Divine; a simple if fittingly diva defiant title for such a personality.

I Am Divine is directed by Jeffrey Schwartz and I am 100% positive that it will be huge on the festival scene. I do love the poster they released (up there at the top) and below is the new trailer. From the looks of it, it appears the film will be a lot of clips, which can be great fun, but I hope it's more than just a few old video tapes and John Waters' saying what he's been saying for decades. I wonder if they will include this fabulous video that it's important to note aired in prime time on Australian TV. Wow.

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