Monday, June 20, 2011

Sex and the Downton Abbey

Have you been watching Downton Abbey? I have not, but it's apparently just like Upstairs Downstairs, but with a different name and enough slight differences so people don't just assume it's the same ol' shit. Oh, and Maggie Smith. Everybody likes Maggie Smith. The show has been doing bonza in the ratings both at home and here in Australia so what better time than any to share with you this British sketch called "Uptown Downstairs Abbey". I know it's old, but it exploded all over the internet today for some reason and, hey, why not share?

It's indeed very funny as it pokes fun at all these British-class-in-period-setting dramas that inevitably become in vogue every 10 years or so. The team of Merchant Ivory had The Remains of the Day in 1993 and then there was Gosford Park in 2001 and, of course, Downton Abbey in 2011. However, the real kicker is the appearances of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley of Absolutely Fabulous fame. All they needed was Dawn French and it would be reason for a national holiday. Then there is Kim Cattrall bringing out that "natural" British accent of hers. Remember it from The Ghost Writer? You'll wish you didn't.

The first part is the better of the two, although the second video features a gag about a staircase that had me in fits of hysteria for longer than I thought possible for such a simple joke. Then there's the jokes about the maids, the giant jug, the daughters and so much more! It curiously even has it's own page on IMDb. Watch and enjoy!

These clips did remind me of the old "Dumb Street" sketch from Fast Forward. There's even a similar joke about characters looking around confused as music plays over the soundtrack! And yes, there's some crossover with the clips below, but it's so funny you won't mind watch some of it twice.


Anthony Mai said...

You should totally watch Downton Abbey, Glenn!! It's a brilliant show.

Though you will get the main plot from the parody.

Anthony Mai said...

Kim Cattrall is playing "Cora" - Robert Crawley's American wife! No need for a British accent.