Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Take Off Your 3D Glasses

Two movies with similar make-ups being released within such close proximity is not a rare thing, as we all know. Earlier this year we saw David Traucki's shark-stalking-pretty-people-in-Queensland movie The Reef and later in the year we get shark-stalking-pretty-people-in-Queensland(-in-3D!) movie Bait. The latter is obviously going for the bigger, more mainstream horror thrills with its $25mil budget (a co-production with Singapore funnily enough) and populist 3D upgrade.

However, it's not The Reef and Bait (or, Bait 3D as it is occasionally known) that we're here to talk about. No, instead we're here to look at the trailers for Bait and Shark Night 3D. This American movie from director David R Ellis appears to be borrowing quite heavily from the model of the recent 3D Piranha remake, what with its liberal flashes of nudity and leaning towards a camp/comedic take. Still, two 3D shark movies bear comparing so that's what we're here to do!

First, the trailer for Bait.

While I love the start - the use of Queensland's tourism calling card of "Beautiful one day, perfect the next" is particularly inspired - and, hey, who am I to deny the sight of Xavier Samuel in lifesavers gear? After that however, I'm not quite sure what happens. While it's perfectly acceptable, something about it feels slightly off, don't you think? As if this trailer isn't entire complete. The pacing is all off, some of the footage used looks like it hasn't been properly colour-graded yet, the big close-up of the shark money shot is less than thrilling and the lack of dialogue feels worryingly like they're attempting to mask Sanctum levels of silliness.

Still, it looks far more promising than this:

Do you see what I mean with that Piranha reference? But, see, Piranha 3D had that wonderful cast being oh so very serious in the face of mutant piranhas (something Piranha 3DD seems to have forgotten about by casting nobodies and Z-grade celebrities like David Hasselhoff). Shark Night 3D has... well, the only name I recognise is Chris Zylka from Kaboom. Oh and that dude from Avatar, apparently. Ouch. That line about it being a salt water lake is particularly almost LOL worthy though so perhaps it belongs in the Asylum wheelhouse alongside Mega Piranha and Giant Shark vs Mega Octopus. Still, if they're going to keep trying to make 3D happen I'd much rather they utilise it on movies like these than, say, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, you know?

If I had Photoshop on the laptop I am using I would most definitely take a screengrab of my absolute tip-top favourite moment in the trailer. It's not of anything in the movie, but is instead the title card that appears at 1:08. Take a look, it's good for a laugh.



The shit producer or the good producer? I guess we'll never know...

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