Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Framed Sasha Zastavnikovic

Have you seen Aussie torrent horror flick The Tunnel yet? It's the local film that was ingeniously funded by having regular ol' people like you and me purchase individual frames and was then released online via torrent for people to download. Surely the only time one could say "I just legally downloaded a movie by torrent!"

The Tunnel was directed by Carlos Ledesma and involves four news reported trapped in a series of underground tunnels trying to film a story about the homeless. Obviously, not all is as it seems and before long things begin to go horribly wrong. Ledesma with screenwriters/producers Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey wear their inspirations of The Blair Witch Project, [rec] and The Descent on their sleeve. The Tunnel is not as good as those films, but it is a wonderfully little fright factory all of its own. I actually screamed like a little girl at one point when the creature leaps towards the camera, and the homeless-man-in-the-lake-oops-there-goes-his-neck scene made my skin crawl something shocking! It's unoriginal, sure, but it says a lot that it's still as effective as it is. B+

And just because, why not, how cute is cast member Luke Arnold? The answer we're looking for is "very".

If you were like me and indeed purchased a frame of The Tunnel then you can discover which is yours by clicking here. The frame that I was assigned is from the closing credits as sound designer Sasha Zastavnikovic gets her well-deserved credit.

What was your frame?

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Enzo said...

Hey Glenn,

Glad you enjoyed the movie and liked your frame. Thanks for the positive write-up!

Though for the record, Sasha is a he, not a she - easy mistake to make :)

Keep up the good work!