Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eye of the Poster

Last week I attempted to attend a screening of Fred Schepisi's upcoming The Eye of the Storm. Having been very much looking forward to this adaptation of Patrick White's novel, I was excited to get to see the film so early out from its September release date. And with a cast like Charlotte Rampling, Judy Davis and Geoffrey Rush - who, as an aside, was at my screening of Sleeping Beauty last week! - I think that excitement is understandable, yes? Yes. Nevertheless, I was travelling from Geelong that day and, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, there were major rail fuck-ups. I ended up sitting on that blasted V/Line train for 160 minutes! By the time I eventually got to Melbourne I quite literally just walked to the next platform and got on a train back to Geelong. Being stranded at freakin' Aircraft is not fun. Aircraft, the limited amount of it that I could see from the train window, does not look like a fun place to visit.

But this will not become a vitriolic blog entry about V/Line, it just won't! Let's move on.

Being three months out from release - conflicting reports say either 8 September or 15 September, does anybody have a solid date? - the advertising has been quiet. We saw a trailer last year, and now we get this (admittedly, for now, low quality) for it. It has stripes. Stripes and strangely simplistic blocking there in the middle. I like the idea of Rampling looming large over the poster, but it's just been produced all wrong. And do we really need another film poster to utilise that time-honoured tradition of someone standing serenely on a beach as they look off into the distance? No. No we don't. At least stripes me we don't get any giant floating heads above that serene beach.

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Anonymous said...

Stale Popcorn, maybe you didn't miss anything. I haven't heard anthing positive coming out of these Eye of the Storm screenings. Have you? One reviewer/blogger said Fred Schepisi's The Eye of the Storm is a disappointment and another said "it was awful." Are these screenings a final cut? The producers, Schepisi, and Transmission Films should be in a state of panic if it is. New 2 min trailer at http://vimeo.com/24902426 if you care to watch.