Thursday, May 5, 2011

Martha's Poster

I quite like this poster for upcoming indie cult drama Martha Marcy May Marlene. Very simple, but I like that it raises questions with an alluring piece of dark imagery, couple with a title that will already being putting viewers off balance. It's definitely selling an atmosphere before a plot, but I think it works far better than, say, Never Let Me Go (Christ, am I ever going to let that one go? No, I don't think so!)

I actually think that Never Let Me Go's poster is a good one to compare this too since they both feature (what we're meant to assume is) the protagonist running away from us. However, instead of just being pretty pretty, there's a creepiness here; a dark foreboding. People can't ooh and aah over the lighting and the colours with this one! I especially think it's a more solid poster than the first one which felt largely slapped together.

Who's looking forward to this one?

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Matt Riviera said...

I agree, great poster. Very much looking forward to this one. The trailer is pretty good too: