Monday, May 23, 2011

Australians Do It Dirtier

Take a look at these two posters for upcoming friends-with-benefits comedy, er, Friends with Benefits. One is the American poster and the other is the Australian poster. It's quite obvious which is which, isn't it?

I continue to find America's relationship with sex so bizarre. Movies with titles like Friends with Benefits or Zack and Miri Make a Porno, which are obviously about sex, aren't allowed to advertise that fact on their poster and yet movies like Saw are allowed to feature dismembered, sawed off limbs? Hmm. Sure, Zack and Miri's use of a visual gag (oh har dee har har) about oral sex was perhaps a bit too risque, but the American poster for Friends with Benefits on the left is so puritanical. It's not like adults aren't going to know what the deal is with a film called Friends with Benefits - and those who are offended by that title would probably be offended by anything - which means somebody cried "won't somebody think of the children!" and they had to send out this poster instead. It's going to be awkward to parents and their children no matter they ask about: "what does benefits mean?" or "why is he pointing at her like that?" if they ask anything at all, so I guess I don't quite see the problem.

On a completely separate issue, it's annoying that Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were obviously photographed separately and grafted together with errant limbs attached to each of them. And you can tell they're the same photo of each by simply looking at them, and yet the rest of their bodies are doing entirely different poses. You're trying to sell these two as a sexy pair who find each other sexy so that you want to see them have sex (isn't that the whole point of this movie?) and yet in both posters they look as steamy as a cold dinner.

These two, as evidenced by the trailer (below), are in a lot of scenes together. Surely they could've taken a few photographs for a movie poster in between takes, right? Perhaps I'm just deluding myself into imagining scenarios in which famous movie couples somehow stumble across a poster that is as iconic and memorable as this improvised poster for Desperately Seeking Susan featuring Madonna and Rosanna Arquette (click the link if you don't remember what I'm talking about). So many missed opportunities there. Although, at least they didn't attempt it and still bollocks it up like No Strings Attached (NATALIE PORTMAN'S MAGIC DISAPPEARING WASTE!!!AAAGGH!!)


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NinaRevenant said...

I like the Australia one better :D