Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The A-Z of IDAHO

Today is IDAHO - International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, don't ask me why they changed T and O in the acronym, okay? - and it's such a valuable day that will sadly no unrecognised in mainstream media. Tell that gay man or woman in your life, or the transgendered friend or family member, that they're important and valued.

Living in Australia right now can be quite sad for GLBT people since we have a Prime Minister and an opposition leader who seem to be battling each other to make the most homophobic statements possible. Hell, our PM is an athiest who "lives in sin" with her boyfriend, and yet she comes out saying that she doesn't believe in gay marriage because Australia has deep Christian roots. To Prime Minister Gillard I say "fuck off!"

I don't really have much to say on the matter because, well, I talk about gay issues quite a lot. Instead of making you read a whole lot of blather about what it means to be gay, I have collected a bunch of film trailers for films that deal with GLBT issues and that have personally affected me in some way. Some of these movies are tough and tragic, others are sweet and magic. So, just like the real world, I suppose. I recommend all of them and if you haven't sought out much in the way of gay cinema then I suggest you avoid the lame comedies that fill the "specialty interest" section of your local DVD retailer (Another Gay Movie, The Fluffer, Eating Out 7), but instead look at some of the daring, groundbreaking, thrilling, funny, touching and wonderfully made movies that have been made by some fabulous talent. The films below aren't necessarily my favourites, but they are great films, some of which don't get discussed enough in this world where A Single Man is the new go-to movie for gay cinema watchers.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert | Bear Cub

The Celluloid Closet | The Deep End

The Edge of Seventeen | Far from Heaven

Gypsy '83 | Heartbeats

I'm the One that I Want | Just a Question of Love

Kaboom! | Last Exit to Brooklyn

My Beautiful Laundrette | Newcastle

Orlando | Paris is Burning

Querelle | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Shortbus | The Times of Harvey Milk

Urbania | Velvet Goldmine

Welcome to the Dollhouse | X2

Yossi & Jagger | Zus & Zo


Drew Mackie said...

I really like that your "X" was "X-Men 2."

Anthony Mai said...

Who was gay in X2?!?! Or are you just referring to it because of mutants being ostracised?

Glenn Dunks said...

Anthony, I think the entire movie is a gay allegory. I mean, there's even a "coming out" scene where the mother asks if her son can try "not being a [homosexual]".

Drew Mackie said...

For reals. It's gayer that "Batman & Robin."

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Could the O stand for "HOmophobia and transphobia"? And Jesus, I've only seen three of these films. Damn.

RJ said...

I definitely would have swapped in Happy Together, but otherwise good. Urbania is great.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Querelle. That movie is so deliciously nuts.

Glenn Dunks said...

I may have used Happy Together if I hadn't have seen Heartbeats, but that one hit me quite personally so I chose it.

Anthony Mai said...

Well I should rewatch X2 then! It's been a while. The one I've watched most often out of the franchise is probably The Last Stand, since Channel Ten's been repeating it quite a bit in the last few years.

Out of the ones listed, I've only seen Priscilla, The Deep End, X2 and Yossi & Jagger...