Thursday, March 3, 2011

You've Been Inception-ed

I tend to go hot and cold on "fan made posters" (aka, posters that people made out of the goodness of their empty bank accounts - they're not getting paid, they just had a nifty idea and did it). Sometimes they can be really quite fun, and other times they can look just as bad as the ones Hollywood churns out on a regular basis, having made their own style cliches. I mean, those minimalist posters that people rave about can be nice, but they're not really posters, you know?

Anyway, thanks to Jason at MNPP for directing to me this fan made Inception poster at Reelizer. Can we all get zapped into somebody's dreams and have the idea implanted that this was the actual poster for Inception, rather than the dodgy ones that we did get. Sure, many salivated over them like little lapdops, but they were hardly visionary. At the worst they were far too cluttered and messy.

As a matter of fact, that website features quite a lot of great pieces. While there are official onesheets scattered about, it's mostly concept designs and festival works like the Alamo Drafthouse. I've included some more of my favourite "concept" designs below as examples of great "fan" work. They're pretty darn cool!


Ed Howard said...

That Inception poster is much better than the movie - I wish there was an image that cool in the movie itself.

The Littlest Picture Show said...

Not bad for the Inception poster, although I've seen a similar, but better one at who have also done all the Best Picture posters.

Really liked the Mulholland Dr and Adaptation one as well =)