Monday, March 7, 2011

Olivia Newton John Hanging from the Chandelier

While I'm generally twitchy about making y'all watch a video with Angela Biship, I found this video about the making of A Few Best Men and it does feature Xavier Samuel looking dapper in a suit and there is a mention of Olivia Newton John "swinging off the chandelier", and doesn't that sound like an enticing prospect?

Stephan Elliot's A Few Best Men will probably reach our screens in 2012. Here's a behind the scenes image I found that finally brings together the stars of The Twilight Saga, The Ghost Rider and A Mom For Christmas! Isn't this what we all really want?


Alice said...

So that's why I spied Kris Marshall at Flickerfest! Conspicuously no mention of who's playing the finacee, IMDb says Laura Brent, though in that footage she looked a lot like Mia Wasikowska .

Janice said...

Swinging from the chandeliers? I so need to see that at least - and will probably have to wait for netflix - I'd be shocked if this got a US release.