Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here It Is

I had heard great things out of the recent Bigpond Adelaide Film Festival about the poster for Beck Cole's Here I Am, but unfortunately the work hadn't been released anywhere online. Thankfully, Jeremy Saunders' Facebook page has released the work and it's fantastic, as one has come to expect.

Just so gorgeous. Look at all those colours shimmering on the face of first time actor Shai Pittman. She looks like mother of pearl. Contrast that to the fiery tribal red of the backdrop and that simple typeface (that works with the film's rather no fuss title) work together to make a great poster.

I recently had Julian Buckeridge write for my film section at Onya Magazine and he didn't like Here I Am at all, but word out of the festival was still very positive. We'll see how the film goes when it's released on 9 June. What do you think of the poster? Another winner or does everything Mr Saunders do just compare badly to Antichrist?


Jessie said...

No, that poster is glorious, letting those quiet blues, greens and browns balance the drama of red/yellow/black. And Pittman is beautiful.

The movie itself is not quite so well put together, but it's not the disaster Julian suggests! The biggest issue is that a couple of amateurish decisions undermine some really lovely moments of contemplation and community.

Anonymous said...

The poster is beautiful and so is the actress. I saw the film in Adelaide, it made me laugh and cry. Very moving with a big heart and wonderful characters. Don't listen to Julian, bring on June 9.