Monday, February 14, 2011

Lola the Princess, Starmaking Role

I knew immediately after seeing Sean Byrne's sick and demented horror kick to the nuts The Loved Ones that "Lola aka 'Princess'" (her official character name on IMDb) would propel somebody somewhere to cast Robin McLeavy in a big time film and, whataya know, somebody has gone and cast her in a big time film. From the sounds of it it's nothing more than token love interest, but McLeavy has been cast in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (via My New Plaid Pants). I don't know much of anything about the film, but it certainly sounds like a juicy film, don't you think?

From sadistic prom queen to presidential vampire hunter's wife. Makes sense, really.

I first spotted Robin McLeavy in 48 Shades - an unfortunately forgotten Aussie teen comedy from several years back - but Lola was a brilliant performance in The Loved Ones so it's hardly surprising that somebody noticed her. And, hey, even if the film is a dud, we'll always have "I'm Not Pretty Enough".

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MonsterTrucker31 said...

Oh noez! I just saw this today. :(
I do like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, tho...
(not sure if I posted this twice....)