Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christina Aguilera Getting Her Lines Wrong... in Burlesque!

Yes, yes, Christina Aguilera apparently flubbed the lines to the American national anthem - which amuses me because, here in Australia, it's quite rare to find anyone who knows all the lyrics to our anthem! Conclusion: Xtina should move to Australia, a country that has spent years discussing how much we hate our national anthem and would rather use a song about a man who steels sheep and then kills himself in a lake!! - but if you ask me, her greatest go at making professional mistakes is this clip reel of Burlesque bloopers.

Other than Christina stating "I nearly sang that line!" and other wagon wheel watusi whoopsiedaisies there is Cher taking multiple takes of a closeup of her feet, Cam Gigandet's "Famous Amos" cookie box surprise and general Stanley Tucci sexiness. So, let's face it, if you must watch one video where Christina Aguilera gets her lines wrong MAKE IT THIS ONE!


Anthony Mai said...

Shame shame Glenn!!! I know both main verses of our anthem! (the other verses aren't worth singing since it's basically a love letter to Great Britain)

Simon said...

Oh, yes, we Americans do get bitchy about it. Or, at least, in public.

That video made my life.

Christina Aguilera Fan said...

lol she really did mess it up pretty good, but everyone blew it way out of control.