Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arthur Poster is Having Us for a Laugh

When I first saw the newly released poster for Arthur at Cinema Blend I actually laughed. Out loud. Not due to any humour found within it - I'm sure some people will find the Russell Brand remake's poster amusing, but I am not one of them - but instead due to the glaringly obvious fact that its entire concept is stolen from another poster. And I don't mean in some "both posters feature lead actor in a chair" or "both posters look as funny as a punch in the face" way. No, I mean, stolen in the "they actually just took one poster and replaced the actors" way.

Take a look and I dare you to not think there is blatant copying going on here

(Click to enlarge)

Oh, sure, Arthur has a bit more going on in the background, and, sure, the American How to Lose Friends poster threw in Jeff Bridges, but that's why I included the international poster there on the left.

Both feature their lead man-child character sitting all goofy like in a chair with beautiful women flanking him on either side (and yes, Helen Mirren is definitely more beautiful than Megan Fox!). Both feature the New York City skyline behind them and both feature obvious signs of their lead character's quote unquote adorable childlike tendencies at their feet (pet pig and children's toys respectively). They even both use boring default fonts and strangely reflective floors!

Look, I'm not saying the designers of the Arthur poster saw the concept for How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and decided to... wait, that is what I'm saying! Surely they're having a laugh, right? This is one big joke, surely! Who looks at the How to Lose Friends and Alienate People campaign and think "yes, that's what we'll model ourselves on!" Of course, I'm probably the only person on the planet to even remember what the poster for that "Simon Pegg Goes to America" vehicle looked like so Arthur's studio probably didn't think twice when they greenlit the poster, but I call bullshit on whoever designed the Arthur poster. This is "creative inspiration" of the highest order.

Still, after all of that, the worst thing Arthur's poster does is not include Greta Gerwig! So tell me readers, am I imagining things or is there something fishy going on here?

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Drew said...

And never mind that How to Lose Friends and Alienate People was a bad movie that didn't make much money. What -- we don't just steal from good movies anymore?