Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Bad Posters Strike: Barney's Version

Just in case you weren't aware from the way Scott Speedman has been hilarious inserted onto this poster for Barney's Version, he is most definitely definitely in it. This movie just would not find its audience if the poster didn't include Scott Speedman at the last minute, it just wouldn't.

Or, for that matter, Minnie Driver or Dustin Hoffman's moustache. This is the sort of Photoshop that I am capable of, not the work that should be coming out of a (supposedly) professional agency. I personally love that there's no tagline, as if they knew it was a lost cause and they gave up before coming up with something like "This is Barney and this is his version" or something equally dire. What a mess. What a truly sloppy mess!

Have we already found our front runner for worst poster of 2011? I think we may have! Last year's illustrious winner came later in the game, although 2009's worst poster was first spotted on January 9, 2009, so it's capable for true awfulness to remain in the lead for such lengths. Inept poster designers already have their benchmark for 2011, let's see if they can beat it!


Anthony Mai said...

Barney's Version must have some hardcore fans sending in their fan-made posters like this one!

Anonymous said...

You're right that poster is a piece of sh*t. Too bad it's not the actual poster for the film. This is:

Glenn Dunks said...

Umm... Anon, it's a poster for the movie. Just because it's not *the* poster for the film, doesn't make it any less terrible. Not sure what you're trying to get at there.

Mierzwiak said...